Selly Amsterdam

Selly loves shopping in Amsterdam

Selly believes that shopping is so much more than just buying a product online; a vision that soon led to the birth of Selly Amsterdam. The online starting point for your offline shopping experience in Amsterdam.

Selly plays host to an exclusive selection of Amsterdam retailers, ranging from that one unique, hip, exciting new concept store to delicious coffeecorners, fashion and lifestyle stores.

With unique functionalities like ‘Catch’ the consumer is able to easily find the product of his/her choice, where Selly matches this search to relevant retailers. In addition, direct personal contact can be established with our chat, where personal offers can me made, advice can be shared or questions can be asked. Last but not least, Selly Amsterdam offers shopowners to share their latest offers & unique promotions, announcements and populair products directly with our Amsterdam shoppers.

Selly Amsterdam emphasizes on the strenght of craftmanship, enthusiasm, city inspiration and Dutch passion to enrich the ultimate Amsterdam shopping experience.   

Selly Amsterdam


The Selly Amsterdam platform consists of a website, a consumer shopping app, a retail management app and an intranet, all developed to let our passionate shopowners, demanding shoppers and potential clients easily find eachother. A complete experience to keep the consumer updated of deals, products or other interesting (shop & city) facts.

You can download the free Selly Amsterdam shopping app to start your offline shopping experience, online!

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