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What's Snipperwall

Snipperwall is a social conversation platform that allows you to aggregate and display the real time social buzz around your brand or event and show it on any screen. By inviting your audience to join the conversation you ignite an enormous social buzz and realize a huge increase in audience engagement worldwide.

Why use Snipperwall

Interactive social conversations skyrocket the audience engagement. Invite your fans to join the social conversation and give them an exceptionally entertaining event experience, resulting in highly engaging interaction.

Real time interaction

Inviting your brand fans to join the conversation and share their brand experiences, opens up the communication for highly engaging real time interactions. 

High Marketing ROI

The increase in shared posts and the consequential increase in social impressions results in an impressive net marketing value, reaching the audience of your audience.

Social Buzz

Displaying the social conversation multiplies the number of shared posts resulting in a huge social buzz around your brand or event, often resulting in your brand being trending topic.

Your brands look and feel

Create stunning Snipperwalls entirely tailored to your brands look and feel with the plentiful customisation options of Snipperwall. The conversation with your brand fans in your brands environment…

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